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Cellulite suction massage breaks up cellulite using suction and lymphatic drainage. The cellulite is physically broken up, circulation is greatly increased, and the fat toxins are delivered to lymph drainage areas to be escorted out of the body. The most important aspect of the cellulite treatment is that it relaxes the fibrous connective cords that are actually the cause of cellulite!

Cellulite suction massage is a very effective deep-tissue therapy. The suction and negative pressure can loosen dimpled tissue and fibrous connective cords, encourage blood flow and lymph drainage. Toxins are stored in fat; they are released, blockages are cleared and blood is circulated.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by fibrous connective cords that tether the skin to the underlying muscle, with the fat lying between. As the fat cells accumulate/enlarge, they push up against the skin, while the long, tough connective cords are pulling down. This creates an uneven surface of dimpling, often referred to as cellulite. (source: the Mayo Clinic)

What is Cupping?

Cupping is the application of silicone suction devices on the surface of the skin. A vacuum is created causing the skin and tissue to relax and release the fat toxins. To reduce and remove cellulite, they are moved along the skin in a gliding motion (aka running cupping, gliding cupping).


The suction between the cup and the skin causes the muscle and skin to separate slightly; this allows for cellular waste products in the muscles and fascia to be drawn towards the skin and helps the stagnant fat cells to break up. The fat is ushered to optimum lymphatic drainage areas to encourage its exit from your body. Toxic factors are drawn out of the tissue up to the skin where it is more easily expelled by the body.

Although your skin will look improved with one session, a series of treatments is recommended for optimal results.

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